Structural stability is the most important thing when conducting full or partial demolitions, or alterations to a building. The last thing the construction company or demolition provider wants is for an uncontrolled collapse to occur as a result of instability. This can cause all kinds of problems, including putting the safety of people on site at risk and even resulting in extensive damage to equipment and machinery.

To ensure the structure is stable you need to use the right temporary works. These are placed strategically around the building to keep it propped up and retained. They need to be fit for purpose, designed to hold the exact load placed on them. Loading needs to be calculated with great care to ensure it is accurate.

The most challenging aspect of structural refurbishment projects is when alterations are made to the structure that affects the stability. These can come in many forms including the creation of new openings in a facade, removal of walls or columns, and even a rearrangement of the floor layout. In each case the temporary works need to be in place to ensure they deliver stability for the duration of the project, catering for the initial load and then changes when the work takes place. This is absolutely crucial.

At Denon Construction we adhere to HSE guidelines and utilise carefully selected temporary works systems to deliver maximum stability to structures. We are a highly experienced specialist and have a fantastic track record for safety. We tackle each project with the utmost care, always focusing on keeping risks to an absolute minimum.

When we take on a project we always focus on the long term, ensuring stability throughout. We understand that the loading can and will change over time and make sure that props are in place to prevent a collapse from occurring. With our help your project can progress smoothly and with confidence that the structure is supported.