In terms of securing the future of the UK construction industry there are two key requirements which need to be met. These are ensuring that the national infrastructure can support future growth, and that the skills required to serve the industry are in place. The record levels of investment in the national transport system announced by the Government address both of these requirements.

With respect to the investment in the national transport system, the plans announced reflect the most ambitious overhaul of our road and rail links in nearly 50 years. The main areas of concentration will be on high speed rail links and on securing a far better flow of traffic on key roads. Much of the focus will be on ensuring that the upgrades both alleviate current congestion issues and anticipate future growth volumes.

From our perspective at Denon Construction, we take a great deal of pride in the fact that our services in structural propping and bridge support shall be an integral part of the successful delivery of work. We are committed to offering our skills to help with all manner of repairs and renovations.

The requirement to ensure a generational transfer of skills has also been secured as part of this investment. The Government has made it perfectly clear that apprenticeship schemes are to be an integral requirement of all works contracts awarded. In the short term this is a move which shall address growing demand for education and employment opportunities, with the long term benefit being the assurance of the required level of highly skilled people being in place to serve the construction industry for many years to come.

At the present time there is, as is the case in many other sectors, a great deal of uncertainty about the future of the construction industry. The high level of investment in both the infrastructure and the people working in the sector is, as a consequence, highly welcomed as a clear reassurance of just how important it is to the economy and the nation as a whole. We look forward to being of service to companies in the construction through these investment projects and beyond.