Industrial requirements can be small or large scale when it comes to construction, but this is no issue for our team. Since our establishment in 2001 we have steadily built up our company and have become one of the country’s leading temporary works specialists. We are confident we can offer a solution for every single project, including regenerations and new builds too.

When constructing a building or working to regenerate one you want to make sure that all precautions are taken to make sure that it remains in stable condition. If the buildings become unstable for any reason they can cause a huge number of issues, putting everybody on and around the site at risk.

Health and safety are the key words when it comes to structural integrity. If there is a risk of collapse it is important to ensure that supports are in place to retain the building. Uncontrolled collapses are amongst the most hazardous issues that can occur on a site so it is absolutely crucial the stability of the structure is accounted for at all times.

There are a plethora of issues that can lead to unstable buildings. These include old, worn out and damaged components, bad workmanship, and the loss or removal of essential supports. Fortunately, structural instability is not an alien term to us. We are regularly contracted to provide restraining to unstable structures.

The propping systems that we put in place are among the best in the business. Super-slim is an example of one of them and is well regarded as possibly the most versatile system available. When it comes to lateral restraining to unstable buildings the props can prove to be invaluable.

At Denon Construction our services are appropriate for a wide range of heavy and light industrial jobs. In addition to the work we perform on buildings, bridges are also within our skill set and we take the same careful and considerate approach with them that we give to buildings. If you would like to find out more about our services, feel free to get in touch.