A priority for us in the UK – just as it is for virtually every other society – is to ensure a continued investment in education is made. The advancement of our nation in respect of every level depends on support, focus and investment all being made in the promotion of the benefits of further education for each new generation. It is in the spirit of this that the University of Bedfordshire has embarked on an ambitious project to invest in their celebrated Luton Campus. The project, which will see some £100 million invested over the course of five years, has reached a point which provides both a challenge and an opportunity to the construction industry.

The University has recently advertised for contractors who would like the opportunity to implement and oversee the design and build of a new science building within the Luton campus. Parties interested in this opportunity have until Wednesday 13 July 2016 to register their interest with the University, with invitations to tender anticipated as being ready to send out towards the end of the month. The budget for this project is presently set at £20m. This project follows the ambitious £46m project for a new library at the same campus, with that project being underway since late 2014.

Although Willmott Dixon are the contractors behind the £46m library project, it is by no means a formality that they would be awarded the science library contract too. Whilst the work Willmott Dixon have delivered has met the required high standards, the view of the University of Bedfordshire is that the best contractors overall must be appointed for success. Particular interest will be paid to those with a background in delivering buildings intended for a similar purpose.

Whilst the view here at Denon Construction is that all new construction and build projects are welcome, there is always a special sense of pride and enthusiasm which is associated with contracts in the education sector. The building and construction industry is, at every level, reliant on the advancement of knowledge and eduction to ensure growth over future generations. As a consequence, the industry at large takes pride in being able to contribute to this directly.