At this moment in time there are dozens – if not hundreds – of renovation and regeneration projects underway across the UK. Many important buildings of significant historical value are benefiting from work being carried out so that we and the generations to come may appreciate them.

At Denon Construction we’ve always been very proud to be one of the leading, most trusted names for providing structural support for projects such as these. We have extensive experience of working with unstable buildings in particular. This places us in a position to answer a number of questions about such projects, with the questions coming from both inside and outside of the construction industry.

One of the more interesting questions to have cropped up of late is that of just how “temporary is temporary” when it comes to placing structural propping. With many well known projects having a scheduled length lasting many years it’s a question we find to be very insightful.

It would be fair to say in general terms that when someone provides a “temporary solution” to an issue there’s an inherent understanding that it has a limited lifespan. When people hear of structural support being provided for a building, it is quite understandable for someone to bring with them the idea that the supporting work must also only last for a specific amount of time, and thus surely work must be carried out within it.

We can assure you that our structural support systems last as long as they are required. This is the case even if the project is work on unstable buildings that is anticipated to take several years. The definition of temporary within the construction is more that it can be removed rather than it is a reference to a set period of time.

In providing structural support within regeneration projects we always ensure that what we do serves the work being carried out perfectly, no matter how long it is anticipated it will take.