Temporary support solutions for buildings, including structural propping, are one of our main areas of expertise and something that we are revered for throughout the country. The incredibly high quality of the supports we use means they are suitable for numerous types of structures. As a result we can maximise safety on every single project.

Back in early 2016, the 02 Shepherd’s Bush Empire had to be closed in order for emergency repairs to be conducted on the roof. This famous venue had to be closed suddenly, just before a gig, last December after instability became a safety concern. Following an extensive set of repairs however, the Grade 2 listed building was successfully reopened in April.

At first there had been worries amongst the populous that the venue would be shut until 2017. Fortunately AMG announced in January that the emergency repairs would only keep it closed until April. A statement on their website said that following further examinations, structural engineers had concluded that work on the roof would last until March.

The renovation required using structural propping inside the main auditorium area to support the unstable roof. Both advisors and experts worked hard to make certain that everything was done as quickly as possible so the building was not closed for a long period.

At Denon Construction, we make every effort to ensure that our propping work is completed in the shortest amount of time possible. While we do aim for a quick fix, rest assured that we don’t compromise the safety of people on site or the structure’s integrity. We are accomplished at utilising structural propping within regeneration and will hit the very highest standards.

If you would like information about temporary works for structures, whether it is to support the roof or walls, please contact us. We are proud of our experience and always enjoy sharing our knowledge. This also goes alongside our commitment to maximising safety.