Denon Construction specialises in a very particular area, namely that of temporary works. Every structure requires support whilst it is being adapted, demolished or retained and there’s no one better to supply it than our team. In particular we are accomplished at facade retention, able to provide solutions for properties of various ages. We are the people you will want to call if you’re in need of help in this area.

Facade retention is self-explanatory in all honesty. It’s where the frontage of valuable buildings is preserved while amendments are made to the inner sections. This procedure could consist of the demolition of a building’s insides and the introduction of a fresh formation that lies behind the facade. Although this strategy is somewhat far-reaching, there is a multitude of advantages from performing it.

The facades of buildings naturally tend to gain more attention than interiors because more people interact with them. As a result the whole inside could be completely transformed but if the exterior is retained the aesthetics will remain. This is a very good option for buildings that pose problems when converting to new use due to their architectural significance.

Another remarkable quality of facade retentions is that they assist in introducing extra floors. This will provide you with further accommodation and room. An important thing to remember though is that changes to floors can affect the placement of window openings. Therefore, design aspects such as this must be attended to in good time.

At Denon Construction, we can use systems such as slimshore and megashore to provide the right facade retention solutions. With these services we have allowed a number of redevelopments whilst ensuring that vital pieces of older architecture are preserved. We take care with every single project, working to maximise safety so that the rest of the project can progress without incident.

If we can be of any assistance to you, please contact us. You can also find out more about some of the projects we have been involved in on our website.