The added benefit of becoming one of the leading providers of basement propping is we understand the various construction methods used. This knowledge comes because we have to design temporary works to suit the type of work that is taking place. That way we can maximise safety and ensure the props are up to the challenge.

Underpinning and piling are the two main techniques used to create basements. We will discuss each of them here to provide you with some very useful information.

The underpinning process involves extending the current foundations of the structure, extending the depth to provide more stability. The technique was originally devised as a way to repair damaged foundations. It is generally done in sequence, undermining beneath a small section of a wall and building down. When the sequence is finished the wall will be supported along its whole length.

There are two different methods of underpinning; mass concrete and steel reinforced concrete. During both it is essential that the horizontal force from the ground and other forces outside the basement be accounted for. During construction temporary works are utilised to provide stability and prevent collapse. These are removed once permanent structural elements are in place.

Piling is driven into the ground from the surface, avoiding the need for excavation. Generally in basements one of two types of pile is used; reinforced concrete bored piles or steel sheet. Either of them can be used as walls for a new basement when it is not being developed below an existing wall. They can also be used for supporting vertical loads and anchoring the ground slab.

When using piling it is vital to consider things like the site layout, access, geology, potential restrictions, and lateral loading caused by the earth and adjacent buildings.

Denon Construction is in the perfect position to provide basement propping solutions for clients. Our team are highly experienced and can help with various types of project. We provide efficient, reliable services, ensuring we achieve the highest possible standards.

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