Construction projects of any manner require only the most practical and efficient of building materials. This is true even if said materials are to be in place only for a limited amount of time. As a leading temporary works company in the UK, we are experienced in handling an array of projects, all of which are completed to the highest of standards. Therefore, if you need assistance with structural propping within renovation, we are the ones to call.

During the early weeks of January, temporary steel propping was put to work at Swords Castle East Tower. A representative from the County Council revealed the reasoning behind the propping’s erection to the County Leader. The East Tower, which faces onto North Street, was one part of a planned set of consolidation operations. At the time, these undertakings had recently been concluded at the castle.

When the ivy that surrounded the tower had been detached the building’s condition was determined to be unstable. This was because of an exceptional lean and bulge that had manifested on the wall, as well as the masonry’s state. The organised consolidation works on the tower could not be conducted, with engineers stating that risks to the structure were present.

Due to the castle’s status as a national monument, all works were halted pending a settlement on the best actions with the National Monuments Section of the Department of Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural, and Gaeltacht Affairs. They approved the introduction of temporary emergency props, enabling the consolidation work to carry on in a more secure way.

At Denon Construction the merchandise and services that we provide allow us to meet a host of heavy and light industrial requirements. What we can offer you includes the likes of bridge support/jacking, temporary bridge construction, facade retentions, and of course, propping and needling.

If you need help in any of these areas, please get in touch with our team. We can even guide clients who are not sure what type of system they need to use. After-all we have a lot of experience with structural propping within renovation.