Due to our status as a leading UK temporary works business, we believe that we’re adequately prepared for any situation. Using the best methods and equipment, we strive to deliver a temporary solution that meets all of your requirements. Specialising in structural support within regeneration, we are the ones to call if there is a project that you have in mind.

The shortages of houses, as well as their rising prices, have done wonders for the popularity of basement and cellar conversions. Projects of this nature can be somewhat complex though and carry with them a number of hazardous risks. This heightens the possibility of there being a Construction Insurance claim. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have noticed this. As a result, they have made efforts to amplify the awareness that surrounds health and safety in relation to basement projects.

In spite of the fact that basement conversions are thought of as relatively small undertakings, there are a number of dangers involved when conducting one. In order to avoid them, it’s vital that one knows about the potential threats that they are facing in scenarios such as these.

Temporary works set ups, as well as a myriad of other supports that are present, could fail. This may result in a considerable level of harm to the building and possibly injure anyone who is around at the time. If there is a lack of ventilation, workers could contract illnesses. Should the foundation for both the exit and entrance develop some sort of fault, people could become trapped inside. If the temporary works and supports that are in place only offer short-term assistance instead of long-term maintenance, structural damage could occur long after construction has concluded.

At Denon Construction, we supply clients in the demolition and construction sectors with an extensive list of temporary works services. In addition to ensuring that the highest standards are met, we also see to it that the proper health & safety rules are followed. As a result we can address all of the risks mentioned above and mitigate them.

If you require help with one of your own projects, we’d be happy to oblige and provide help regarding utilising structural support within regeneration.