As our name states we have extensive experience with construction, but our specific focus is on providing clients with temporary works solutions. As one of the country’s leading businesses for these kinds of works, the determination and degree of quality that we put into our efforts has earned us quite the reputation for excellence across the nation. Knowledgeable on unstable buildings, as well as a multitude of other subjects, we are the ones to call if you ever find yourself requiring some temporary solutions.

If there’s one thing that’s certain to lead to unstable buildings, it’s that of differential settlement. There are many reasons as to why this issue would occur in the first place, however, inadequate drainage and soil preparation act as the main causes. By understanding this condition, one can take the necessary steps to ensure that it doesn’t become a problem in the future.

If you take the time to assess particular crack variations in your house’s foundation, or within the primary structure itself, you might discover that they have manifested thanks to differential settlement. For those who don’t know, this is the lopsided downhill motion of a home’s foundation. Usually, it results from altering soil orders that lie beneath the house.

As the building settles, unbalanced elements of its foundation can rise or sink at differing momentums. When this transpires, the cracks can show up. If left to their own devices, the home may experience major structural and operational complications, which can leave it unsound and un-saleable.

A revelatory sign that your house is currently undergoing differential settlement is an assemblage of cracks in the corner sections of window and door frames, rooms, and where structural members come into contact inside of walls. Abysmal water drainage around and under the structure can also worsen the settlement, so be on the lookout for this.

At Denon Construction we supply an assortment of services and products. These include the likes of bridge support/jacking, temporary bridge construction, propping and needling, and facade retentions. We can work on a myriad of different structures, including unstable buildings of various shapes and sizes. If any of this interests you and you’d like to discuss details with us, please get in touch.