Acting as one of the country’s leading temporary works providers, we can deliver bespoke solutions for the demolition and construction industries across the UK. Not only are we committed to providing top-notch work, but an excellent degree of customer satisfaction is also important to us.
Unwanted movements in structures can cause a massive amount of distress for the owner. Subsidence, the failure of building materials and physical disturbances are among the myriad of factors that can affect the overall integrity, resulting in unstable buildings. On the up side, while the reasons as to why a structure can move are numerous, advances in application techniques and repair technology means that just as many effective solutions are in place, ready to tackle the issues.

In immensely dry weather, problems such as soil shrink can arise thanks to a lack of water. This can lead to cracks showing up in buildings. It comes about because the soil that sits below and around the walls of a structure can shrink as it becomes dryer, increasing voids. Instability in the walls can be the result in certain circumstances, generating movement that manifests itself as cracks in the affected building’s fabric.

Heavy rainfall can also have an impact, resulting in softer, less stable ground. Issues with building maintenance can also be highlighted by large volumes of rain. Allowing water to slide into a house through poorly applied chimney flashing or broken roof tiles for example, can eventually lead to timber decay and collapse.

At Denon Construction we are experts when it comes to retaining unstable buildings and can provide services to help aid in restoring a property’s structural integrity. With our knowledge of temporary works behind us, we are capable of applying a plethora of solutions to the problems at hand.

We utilise the highest quality temporary works systems, including propping that can be utilised in all manner of settings. When you contact us we will design a system that reflects the specific conditions on the site. As a result you can maintain stability whilst work is completed to stabilise the building permanently.

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