The Piece Hall in Halifax is the centrepiece of one of the most significant heritage projects in the whole of the UK. In total over £40 million is being invested to create a brand new cultural quarter. This will reinvigorate the area, creating a new visitor attraction with learning and interpretation spaces, conference facilities, restaurants, bars, and improved accessibility.

Of the funds £19 million has been invested to preserve and regenerate the Piece Hall itself. The building opened in 1779, originally as a cloth hall where handloom weavers could sell woollen pieces. For almost 250 years it has been at the heart of Halifax and represented a big part of the heritage and culture of the area.

The architectural, cultural, and historical significance of the Piece Hall saw it granted a Grade I listing. It is a very rare and beloved structure, sole survivor of a style of building that celebrated the wealth and ambition of cloth manufacturers before the industrial revolution.

The building contains a number of eye-catching features. The colonnades that front the upper floors are spacious and in total there were 315 rooms in the property used for storing and exhibiting cloth goods. Freestone was the material of choice, carefully selected because it is fine grained and can be cut in any direction. Thanks to this material the hall was fireproof and the goods remained protected.

The work to redevelop such a rare and iconic building was challenging. Specialist stonemasons were brought in to conserve the freestone and replace parts that had been damaged. All of this was done with absolute care.

Denon Construction was proud to be involved in this project. Our position as one of the most experienced and careful temporary propping contractors in the UK made us perfect for the role. With our help the structures could be effectively supported and retained, making them safe whilst they were worked on.

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