Facade retention stands as one of our most valued and critical offerings. As its name implies, the technique was developed to maintain the facades on structures whilst they are undergoing redevelopments. It can also be used to support buildings that have become unstable for any reason, preventing the facade from collapsing and putting people in harm’s way.

If you don’t know what is involved in the process, you’re probably not aware of the fact that the technique is not only functional, but also economical. After all, this method of support is employed to preserve aged buildings. There is a multitude of benefits to be had from this approach, including saving on resources. To give you an idea of just how fruitful preservation and redevelopment can be, we’re going to talk about a few of the advantages here.

Countless properties have become obsolete or disused thanks to the need for a new interior. Retaining the facade can offer a great opportunity for constructs belonging in this category. A wonderful example would be the expansive textile mills found in the North East, old churches and office complexes, and decrepit warehouses or factories. These are all attractive and structurally robust edifices. With retention, the facades can be saved while the interior is adapted, even to the point of a new floor layout.

Facade retention could aid you in complying with the latest fire regulations too. One of the most important parts of these legal requirements is to ensure there are emergency exits to allow safe evacuation if there is an incident. Some older properties were built before this was a requirement though. In order to create new openings, the facade may need to be supported to prevent it from collapsing.

At Denon Construction, due to the diverse nature of the buildings we operate on, no two facade retention projects are the same. You may be thinking that this adds additional obstacles to our projects, and while it is true, we don’t allow them to get in the way of our success. In fact we work with propping systems that can be adapted to different site requirements, ensuring we maintain the highest standards at all times.

If you need anything from us, we promise to do whatever we can to help.