Although temporary works are most commonly used in structural refurbishment and to retain unstable buildings, there are many other cases when they are needed. One amongst these is to provide extra support for a floor having heavy plant equipment placed on it. This additional load may be too much to bear for the structure itself, raising the risk of a collapse occurring. Supports and props are used in this instance to reinforce the surface.

When providing support for plant equipment, from heavy turbines and motors to manufacturing equipment and even cranes, it is vital that the temporary works can bear the load placed on them. This must be maintained for as long as the equipment remains on site.

A wide array of different plant equipment can be used in structural refurbishment projects themselves. As a result the temporary works put in place for the project must be designed specifically with them in mind. Additionally the condition and stability of the floor should be taken into account. Extra load bearing should be provided if there are any concerns.

In many cases the plant equipment on a site needs to be moved, whether to re-arrange a workshop or in the process of completing the refurbishment. When this is occurring the temporary works must be able to handle the changes in loading, thereby preventing any kind of sheering.

At Denon Construction we have a wealth of expertise regarding temporary works and can provide the perfect services for clients of every shape and size. Whether you have a property that contains heavy plant equipment or are planning to use it as part of a structural refurbishment project we can provide the right supports to maximise safety.

All of the temporary works we offer are designed by our trained structural engineers and adhere to the relevant competencies. We also ensure they are installed professionally and take steps to facilitate their maintenance.

If you have any questions for us please get in touch for information and recommendations.