In terms of the key factors required to carry out our structural support within regeneration projects we would always identify knowledge as the priority. Having as much information as possible prior to work is vital to ensuring that operations are carried out safely. It is also essential to the delivery of perfect work.

An interesting aspect of what we do in the light of the above is considering the approach we must take when the required information is either lacking or absent. It is important to do all we can to uncover the details we need to plan what supports are needed.

Whilst we rely on exhaustive site surveys before planning and proceeding with our work, this is something that – in a broad overview – can only inform us of information which can be observed and measured. A site survey, generally speaking, would not reveal much in the way of information related to the original architecture of a particular building. Nor would it include the exact details of work carried out over the years prior to our involvement.

To uncover the vital information it may be wise to look at architectural plans from different phases of development. Unfortunately it is not always the case that documents such as the initial plans have survived over the years.

As a significant number of buildings we are called on to provide structural support services for are of considerable age this situation is one we encounter on a fairly frequent basis. In these instances we must make sure that our needling, propping and shoring work is conducted in a way that anticipates any challenges or points of concern that have not been immediately visible in the scope of the most recent survey carried out.

Working with older, historical and often well known buildings is always something we consider an honour. Whilst the structures themselves might be very well known, we always appreciate that it is highly likely that there are many unknown factors related to their construction. As a result the greatest care and caution must be utilised.

Our flawless record of success at Denon Construction speaks of our ability to work perfectly in these conditions, giving you every assurance of our professional work being the best for your structural support requirements.