Having started out in 2001, ours is a business that strives to give its clients the best experience possible. Whenever we take part in a project, one of the things that we always make a point to remember is the competencies of temporary works. That way we can satisfy them and ensure we achieve the best safety standards.

Prosecutions could come about as the result of numerous incidents that have occurred at one of Europe’s most expansive mine complexes. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is making preparations to prosecute ICL, the establishment that oversees the Boulby potash mine located in East Cleveland. The Conservative frontbencher has stated that the HSE isn’t going to hesitate when it comes to the prosecution of ICL should investigations prove that management actions did not adhere to the necessary standards.

These comments were in reply to a debate in the House of Commons looking into the future of the mine. As a result of the incidents that took place, several workers were critically injured, requiring them to be taken to hospital. The mine’s safety history isn’t an unblemished one and its nature has turned it into a rather difficult location to manage and work in.

A spokesperson for ICL stated that safety was of primary concern and that a host of improvements had been made since the incidents. They work closely with the Mines Inspectorate and the HSE when investigating the circumstances surrounding any incident and always consider whether more safety measures should be implemented.

At Denon Construction we always make certain that HSE standards are followed whenever a project is being undertaken. If such regulations are not adhered to, they can cause a slew of problems later down the line, as was the case with the mine. As such, it’s better to be safe than sorry and adhere to the appropriate standards from the outset.

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