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Plans designed to conquer noise problems at the Premier Inn development that is located at the Newport city centre have been lodged with the local city council. Richard Hayward Properties, the owner of the Grade II listed building, has made an application for permission for the delivery of internal steelwork and new piling. This is being done to supply acoustic detachment with adjoining structures.

However, there have been persisting disagreements between the Premier Inn owner and the owners of Warehouse 54, as well as a plethora of other nightclubs present on Cambrian Road. Acoustics experts have performed a multitude of tests and have discovered that the noise coming from the clubs is too high, with some of it seeping into the hotel. The result of this is that the proposed 60-bedroom city centre establishment has remained in a state of limbo.

Originally, the scheme had been given planning permission back in 2012, but it has yet to be handed over to the chain. There have been fears that if the difficulties couldn’t be resolved, then Premier Inn would walk away from the plans. If things do go ahead, the next phase would be to conduct structural alterations to take some of the steelwork out in an attempt to halt the rumble of sound that’s coming in. During this suitable temporary works would need to be used to ensure the load is retained and protect from uncontrolled collapses.

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