As a leading temporary works company in the UK, we offer our clients a comprehensive array of solutions. Able to cater for a plethora of both light and heavy industrial specifications, our business is known far and wide throughout the country for being able to produce high quality results. We are also quite familiar with unstable buildings. Whenever you have trouble with your structure, we are the people to call.

In order to comprehend how a building can function properly, there are a number of basic concepts that require explanation. Structures need to be designed to endure the forces that they’re likely to encounter and not deflect or fail excessively. The ideal places to start your understanding of a simple structural analysis does not lie within the stipulated loads and building codes however, but rather in knowing how simple structural components operate and fail.

One of the most important fundamentals of connections, structural elements and loads to understand is what unstable and stable constructs are. Stable kinds possess the proper mix of structural members, connections and shapes. They also have the ability to resist loads and remain in place with minute deflection.

Unstable structures on the other hand fail for one reason or another. The cause could be as a result of members failing or because of over-stress. Additionally, the geometry’s unsound nature and the types of connections in play could cause huge problems, resulting in instability.

The key to success with installing temporary works on unstable buildings is understanding what may have caused the instability in the first place. This knowledge is necessary to ensure that supports are placed correctly and that the right type is used.

At Denon Construction, not only do we strive to deliver an excellent standard of work, but we also adhere to the appropriate health and safety standards whilst doing so. Whenever we work on an unstable structure, we conduct thorough examinations first in order to determine the best course of action.

If we can assist you in any way, please get in touch with us.