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A report that is expected to identify the origin of the Hobart Rivulet collapse incident has not yet been handed down. Since the event occurred, a total of nine months have passed. AIG, the insurance business, stated that is was still waiting for the structural engineers report to be issued. Back in February, a spokesperson revealed that the report was completed, but that additional information was called for.

Later on, the spokesperson said that the delay was partly due to the dangerous conditions making access to the site difficult. AIG, who is respected as being one of the world experts in property casualty insurance, is representing those owners of the three properties that experienced damages.

The executive of Kalis Group, which owns two of the buildings, stated that they had not received updates from the insurance company. However, they did say that they were very pleased with the progress of the Liverpool St Myer rebuilding efforts. The good news is that the structure is rising thanks to the ground floor’s completion and propping on the first floor is currently being worked on.

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