In recent weeks we’ve brought you a number of updates on the Millennium Mills redevelopment and structural refurbishment project. The rich architectural history of the site and the ambitious plans for its future has been well documented and met with overwhelmingly positive support for the initiative. We are understandably proud to be part of this project; one which is considered to be perhaps the largest in the history of London over the course of the last 70 or so years.

The project has now reached a crucial stage. At present substantial dismantling and demolition work is underway to clear the walls which are unsafe to leave remaining as part of the project. Achieving this has taken considerable planning. The sheer height and size of the walls means that even higher than usual safety standards have been implemented, with a focus on the costs and time of this work always being in place. We were able to assist with our high reach demolition machine equipment.

The use of the machines enables the fast and safe dismantling of tall structures. The time, cost and risk of a high level dismantling approach are all avoided, ensuring that work staff have greater safety and that a faster turnaround time for the project is achieved. This technology can be used to address virtually all project concerns and requirements faced in the present day.

Bagnall UK, one of the most well known names in the nation for demolition work, were appointed as project managers for the Millennium Mills redevelopment project due to their outstanding track record for success in the field. By appointing us as the sub-contractors responsible for the supply of the high reach demolition machines required to complete the project we have been able to be a part of this important development. Whilst we take great pride in this in itself, we are also proud of this confirmation of our status as one of the leading suppliers to the construction and demolition industries nationwide.

If you’d like to see our high reach demolition machine in action on site, we have some footage of it at work on the Millennium Mills project on our Facebook page.