We are considered one of the top temporary works companies for several reasons. Firstly, we produce high quality results on each project. In addition, we take the necessary measures to ensure the client’s safety. Thanks to our experience in the field, we are capable of conjuring support solutions for a huge variety of projects. This includes the likes of basement propping. We are capable of overcoming any challenge that gets in our way. This makes us the team you can rely on to get the job done.

In commercial structures, it is a common practice to employ gaping basements. They can be used to supply space for car parking and other uses. The basement’s depth demands that you appraise all the construction and design factors to obtain a suitable resolution. Peripheral and retaining walls to basements are dependent on horizontal pressure from a mix of water and soil, retained earth, or liquids. Typically, they’re comprised of brick or concrete.

What exactly are these walls?

The walls are practically vertical cantilevers, which are usually propped or free. Where you can make the ground floor slab incessant with the wall’s uppermost section, basements can be fashioned as everlasting boxes. The most economical approach to creating these walls would be to do so with a base slab that protrudes forward.

Even though propped cantilevers, which are basement walls propped by ground floor slabs, come with a PH^2/8 bending moment, they aren’t used as much in buildings. The reason why is that the wall needs to be temporarily propped until the ground floor is able to function as the prop. However, the more economical cantilever could be utilised for design-and-build contracts. It can aid you in offering up a comprehensible course for the propping strength. It also supports unbalanced lateral forces.

At Denon Construction, only the most appropriate form of basement propping is used during our projects. This way, we can offer you maximum stability for the duration of the projects. We only use proven propping systems so you can have confidence in them.

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