Earlier this month a large family home in West Hampstead, Camden, collapsed. The two storey building had been undergoing renovations but is now a pile of rubble. The collapse saw the front wall come down all the way from the roof to the basement.

Redevelopment was in progress on the property. A renovation of the basement was part of this. A subsequent application to transform the property into four separate flats was denied in 2017 though. An appeal against the decision also fell through.

Following the collapse, the fire services and paramedics had to visit the property. Neighbours were evacuated to ensure they were safe. The fire services also worked with a structural engineer from Camden Council to explore how to make the property safe.

Basement renovations can be hazardous

Work in the basement could have been responsible for the collapse. In the past a number of issues have occurred because developers failed to work with professional temporary propping installers. This meant that the stability of the structure was compromised when work began. A collapse is likely once the loads on surfaces start changing.

Properties on this road in West Hampstead are regularly worth in excess of £1million. Many owners convert the homes into flats to boost their returns. The work must be to the correct standards. Planning permission is necessary before any work begins.

At Denon Construction we understand the huge hazards that can occur if the correct propping is not use to stabilise a structure being developed. Our experienced team can provide solutions for clients in an array of sectors. By using the most reliable temporary works systems, we can retain structures and maximise safety.

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