As a leading temporary works business in the UK, the fact that we have an extensive amount of knowledge on construction shouldn’t come as a surprise. Specialising in areas like structural support within regeneration, we aim to offer our clients the most efficient and practical approaches possible to their projects. Possessing the ability to conform to all heavy and light industrial specifications, we are the ones to call if there’s ever a problem to be solved.

A substantial degree of the charm that old homes possess originates from their wonky walls. The fact that only a few surfaces are completely true, smooth or level adds on to the structure’s historic character and fabric. It supplies a record of how the house has managed to calibrate to the environment as the years have passed.

However, upon completing a regular building survey you may come across the dreaded words ‘structural movement’. This can be a somewhat sobering affair. In fact, even the slightest hint of structural issues can ruin a project, causing much bigger concerns for propping and structural support.

Not all of these movements can be resolved with a simple metaphorical shrug though. Subsidence for instance can manifest if the ground beneath the foundation begins to shrink. This will rob the walls of their support. The wall’s unsupported section from above can then drop suddenly without warning, with this movement producing cracking problems.

This differs greatly from settlement, which is where the ground compresses slowly as time passes thanks to the loading placed on it by the structure. After construction, or a considerable structural shift like an extension or conversion, every building starts to settle. This is because the grounds are getting used to the new weights that are being imposed upon them.

At Denon Construction, whenever we are called in to complete a project, not only do we perform to the highest of standards, but we also adhere to the proper health & safety rules. Additionally, the temporary works solutions that we provide are designed especially to be cost effective, innovative and bespoke.

Should you ever need our assistance with structural support within regeneration feel free to contact us.