Structural refurbishment projects can range in scale from smaller jobs such as redecorating to large scale redevelopments that alter the structure itself. The latter can involve all kinds of demolition and construction work. With both of these it is absolutely crucial that the entire structure is not put at risk of becoming unstable. The solution is to use the right temporary works to maintain stability.

Possibly the most challenging type of structural refurbishment is altering the floor layout whilst retaining the facade. This is so tough because the existing floors may need to be detached from the exterior wall. When this occurs it leaves each floor supporting higher loads, putting additional pressure on the existing supports. If care is not taken they could collapse.

Another problem with changing the floor layout is the facade retention itself. Once the floors are detached the exterior wall is left supporting the entire load. This may not be a problem in terms of the weight but when you consider the wind and movement you could be facing major stability concerns.

In both cases temporary works are used to provide additional support. They can hold up floors and the facade while the work takes place, ensuring the stability and load bearing is correct. This allows people to work on the site safely and reduces the risks.

When altering floor layouts the temporary works should be put in place before the facade is detached. This allows the floors to settle on to the supports and prevents them from flexing. This reduces the risk of collapse and damage to the materials. The facade itself should also be propped in advance so there is no movement when the floors are removed.

Temporary works need to be designed and installed by experienced specialists to ensure they adhere to regulations. We are proud to do just that at Denon Construction and have the skills and qualifications to meet the very highest standards. We have been called on by clients across the UK taking on all kinds of structural refurbishment projects.

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