Temporary works are used in a wide array of different settings to retain the stability of a structure while work is done on it. Some of these locations are immensely challenging and create big problems in terms of physically installing the supports and props that are needed. Fortunately there are a range of different systems to use, with options to satisfy all manner of requirements.

Last winter the UK was hit by several storms and received a huge amount of rainfall. This caused flooding in numerous areas and had a severe impact on the railway infrastructure in particular. In some locations the rain resulted in landslides and caused closures when tracks were covered with soil and fallen trees. Additionally many bridges and other essential links were put under heavy strain due to the conditions.

Bridges are amongst the hardest to retain whilst they are being worked on, especially if they are to remain in operation. They can be located in all kinds of challenging settings, including the banks of rivers and over busy roads. The temporary works installed need to account for the load placed on them and must maintain stability at all times. This is tricky because of the very nature of the loads.

The first thing that must be accounted for is the weight of the bridge itself as well as the vehicles that use it. On top of this the supports must be capable of withstanding the movement of the vehicles and the shifts this causes in the load. Thirdly they have to contest with additional pressure put on them by the wind and weather. Ultimately the stability must be consistent at all times.

All temporary works must meet the relevant competencies, satisfying the standards set by HSE. This is true whether they are used on buildings, bridges, or any other structure. Accounting for the loading, risks, and requirements of the setting is crucial to achieving the required levels of stability and safety.

At Denon Construction we stay up to date with the competencies for temporary works, keeping a close eye on the standards that HSE sets. This allows us to ensure that the services we provide satisfy them to the letter. If you have any questions or want the confidence of dealing with a dedicated, highly competent specialist please contact us.