The Millennium Mills is the last great property in London’s Docklands to be redeveloped. The ten-storey art deco building was constructed in 1933 to replace the original from 1905, which was destroyed in 1917 by an explosion at a nearby munitions factory. It has stood empty since the mill closed in 1992, becoming a symbol of the industrial decline of the UK.

denonOver the intervening years the property remained derelict but still attracted plenty of interest. It has featured in movies including Full Metal Jacket, appeared in music videos, and proved incredibly attractive to architects and urban explorers. It has become a celebrated and cherished part of London’s skyline.

News emerged earlier this year that the Millennium Mills will be renovated as part of the huge £3.5 billion development of the Silvertown district. The huge 62 acres of land will be used to create essential new homes, offices and a tech hub.

With huge demand for land in the capital, it was inevitable that the historic mill would eventually be repurposed, but many people had concerns about what the development would entail due to the history and the iconic character of the building. All involved in the project understand the importance of denon4preserving its character. The aim is to use the lightest possible touch, maintaining as much of the original property as possible while bringing it up to date for contemporary use.

Work on the site commenced earlier this year, beginning with the removal of asbestos from the building. The abandoned machinery and the grain chutes have also been removed, and many of them donated to artists for re-use.

denon5In November we received the news that we had won a contract for the redevelopment of the Millennium Mills. We will be working on behalf of the main contractor Bagnels and will be charged with securing the building whilst major demolitions and alterations take place. To achieve this we will provide nine floors of megashore and slim shore temporary works. An additional six floors of megashore will be used in the facade retention to preserve the iconic property. We are proud to be involved in this project and will uphold all the required standards and competencies of temporary works to ensure the work is completed as safely and effectively as possible, while preserving the character of this iconic structure.