There has been a noticeable increase in the number of unstable buildings which have been reported and investigated over the last few months, mostly due to the unusually extreme weather conditions we have been experiencing lately. Storm Abigail and Storm Barney brought strong wind and rainfall, which has inevitably caused damage to homes, schools and places of work throughout the country. After such a sustained level of exposure to harsh weather, even the most well designed and otherwise secure structures may have been adversely affected.

By taking the time to understand the root causes of unstable buildings, we are able to best determine how to address them. We have an extensive track record for success in temporary work solutions, and when a property has suffered extensive damage, we understand how important it is to immediately implement support measures to stabilise the building and ensure that it is completely safe for inhabitants and people in the area. We offer many propping systems which can be quickly and easily installed, providing a swift support system to keep buildings supported when they need it the most. Each system is designed around the individual needs of the building, so you can expect to receive a suitable bespoke solution.

When it comes to buildings that have been damaged by the weather and other factors, ultimately a decision must be made about whether it can be restored and made safe, or if demolition is the only approach to take. In either instance, we can deliver a dedicated and professional service to enable the entire project to take place as smoothly as possible. No matter whether a building has been damaged by the weather, or if it is undergoing renovation work and requires extra support, we are well equipped to provide the propping systems required to keep it standing safely.