Performing to the highest of standards is something that we have always strived to do. As a leading UK company when it comes to temporary works, we believe that our performance is always on point. With an extensive array of products and services available, we have an appropriate solution for every situation, including dealing with all kinds of unstable buildings. Whatever your reason for seeking out our aid, we promise not to disappoint you.
In many cases premature building decay can be attributed to a number of factors. One of the main offenders is that of neglect. Common signs of this include plants growing in gutters, broken rainwater systems and blocked air grilles. Every one of these issues shall urge moisture to pierce the fabric of the property and halt its evaporation. Should the fabric become very damp, this could lead to blistering plaster and paint, timber decay and the possibility of heightened masonry decay.

Excessive fluctuations and high degrees of moisture can also result in the movement of soluble salts within masonry buildings. Salt movements are distinguished by white crystal blooms on the surface of your walls and can lead to a substantial amount of damage to both the paintwork and plaster.

In the most critical of situations, troubles that come about as the result of massive moisture levels could potentially cause your walls to become unstable. This is a highly serious structural issue, because without the support of the walls, the entire structure could fall apart.

At Denon Construction, in order to help stabilise structures whilst they are being worked on, we provide our clients with the perfect temporary works. We can cater for both heavy and lighter industrial requirements, delivering the right system every time.

In addition to making certain that our customers remain satisfied with our work, we also see to it that all health & safety regulations are followed to ensure a secure working environment. If our company catches your attention and you’d like to know more about us, feel free to get in touch with the team.