Temporary works are very important during demolitions, structural alterations, and many types of renovation projects too. They are designed to support the structure whilst the work is ongoing, ensuring it is structurally sound and not at risk of collapse. The structures allow safe access and evacuation of a property. They can also be used to support floors that hold heavy plant equipment or machinery, whether it is left on site or being used as part of the project.

All temporary works need to be fit for their purpose. They should be durable and strong enough to deal with the loads placed on them for the entire duration of the project. To ensure this occurs it is important that they are designed by trained specialists with the correct knowledge and training. They also need to adhere to very specific competencies set by HSE (Health and Safety Executive).

HSE has released a lot of information about temporary works to help contractors ensure they have the right supports in place. You can find this on their website. They found that the structures were a vital aspect of risk mitigation and failing to design and install them effectively could result in a higher risk of serious personal injury.

If the competencies of temporary works are not satisfied it can result in enforcement action. This can include a prohibition notice that prevents any work from taking place on the site until suitable supports are put in place. A notice is appropriate when evidence of risk, inadequate supports, overloading, or a complete lack of support is found.

At Denon Construction we have a lot of experience with structural supports. We offer solutions to clients all across the UK from the construction and demolition industries, helping them to put the right temporary works in place so they can proceed with their project safely. We adhere to the highest standards to give our clients confidence their sites are safe to work on.

If you have questions about designing structural supports feel free to contact us. We are pleased to share our knowledge and help clients wherever they need us to.