The biggest challenge facing the construction industry right now is that the anticipated growth of work is rapidly passing the level of resources. In many ways, this is very positive. However, companies involved in construction must make sure they are equipped to meet the growing demands over the next decade.

In terms of an overview of the sustainable success of the construction industry, It is anticipated that the value output will increase by just over 40% over the next ten years. When you bear in mind that this is measured in terms of trillions of pounds, the economic consequences and impact cannot be overstated. At the moment, the biggest threat to achieving this growth projection is a lack of the single most important resource required by the construction industry – the people who work in it to make it a success.

We appreciate that the construction industry is far from being alone in experiencing the problems of a skills shortage in the UK. Those who are trained in construction today are the ones who will still be serving the sector a decade from now. The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) is working to address the skills shortage, with initiatives such as the launch of their £1 million website designed to attract people to a career in construction.

Here at Denon we have always been proud to support the CITB and any other party which will promote the sustainable growth of the construction industry and attract people to seek careers in the field. We take great pride in our world class services and all that we have achieved so far through our work. Our focus is on ensuring that we can continue delivering our peerless performance for many years through supporting initiatives which sustain and grow the industry.