It would be fair to say that the construction industry is subject to more health and safety regulations than most other sectors. This is understandable due to the nature of the work we do, and as you’d expect from a company with our reputation, we always make safety our first priority, both for our staff and for anybody else who may be in the area. Meeting the highest standard of health and safety requirements has often served to inspire innovations which have made construction work better, safer and more efficient. Robotic demolition is one of the clearest examples of this.

Demolition is frequently an important aspect of construction projects, particularly when repairs and restorations are required. The challenge is to ensure only the areas that need to be removed are demolished, and to ensure it is carried out in a manner that assures the safety of people in the vicinity. If the site is in a remote area, or the demolition work is required at an elevated location, safe and accurate demolition becomes even more challenging. Robotic demolition addresses all of these issues while ensuring precise work is carried out.

Our unique remotely controlled robotic demolition system means that there is no requirement for anyone to be in close proximity to the work being carried out. The team of specialist operators remain at a safe distance from our equipment, allowing for the complete closure of the site. There are few, if any, more assured ways of meeting health and safety requirements than by the removal of all people from a site. When deployed by our qualified professionals, our robotic equipment delivers as precise a level of demolition as it is possible to achieve. We are always happy to go through the case studies of our many successful contracts to show what we can do.

Health and safety are always the most important factor in any construction work. As you can see, they not only keep our team safe and secure, but they also serve to inspire better and more efficient ways of delivering the work we do.