Regenerating buildings that have been damaged by fire can be a very difficult proposition. The blaze may cause a great deal of damage to various aspects of the structure, including the roof, load bearing walls, and staircases. The damages will be even worse if the fire reaches very high temperatures and there are insufficient safety systems in place such as sprinklers.

The biggest problem is that fires can weaken materials substantially, putting the stability of the structure and safety in question. As a result a great deal of extra care must be taken at the outset of projects to ensure regeneration is a viable option. This can help to save on costs, preventing plans from progressing too far before they are determined to be feasible.

Before any kind of regeneration, regardless of the condition of the building, a full risk assessment and structural survey must be done to highlight hazards and plan ways to overcome them. This is absolutely crucial and workmen should not step foot in the property before this is completed.

The inspections will highlight weaknesses in the property and provide the details so that appropriate steps can be made to introduce supports where they are needed. These need to be designed by experienced structural engineers to ensure they will reinforce the structure effectively and make it safe to work on.

At Denon Construction we have worked on various regeneration projects in the past, including buildings damaged by fire. As a result we understand how the work should progress to ensure it is safe. The knowledge also makes us the perfect people to design and install structural supports.

If you are at the planning stage and want our help please feel free to contact us. We ensure that clients make the right use of structural support within regeneration projects, maximising safety for the duration of the work. You can get a better idea of our services by viewing the portfolio section of our website.