As one of the country’s leading companies when it comes to temporary works, we are widely known for our professionalism and commitment to our client’s needs. The range of services that we can offer is extensive, but one area where we excel is structural refurbishment. No matter how large or small your requests are, we will do everything we can to assist you.

Refurbishing those old buildings not only gives them new life, but regularly another purpose as well. Upgrading and configuring these structures doesn’t simply apply cosmetic benefits however, there are a fair few environmental factors involved. By understanding what it is we really have in front of us, we can come to view refurbishments in a whole new light.

Due to the increases in environmental awareness, instead of simply resorting to demolition and dispose of materials, we are being encouraged to re-use and recycle. When you hear the latter you may automatically think of the materials that go into the rubbish; while you’re on the right path, buildings can be recycled in a similar manner.

As opposed to knocking down and starting from scratch, the choice to repurpose buildings is being thought about much more carefully. A big benefit of refurbishment is savings of CO2; it will almost certainly prove more carbon efficient on an entire life basis to re-purpose that which is already there. Refurbishing can provide operational CO2 savings as well, since it can reduce the air conditioning and heating requirements of the structure.

At Denon Construction, we have helped a myriad of clients with structural refurbishment projects. Many structures that still stand have quite a lot of potential, which shouldn’t be wasted by simply destroying them. We can offer propping and temporary works to help retain and stabilise buildings so they can be worked on and preserved.

If you are interested in having a building refurbished, we are just the right people for the job.