It is crucial to always comply with health and safety regulations in the construction industry. Each company must adhere fully to regulations in order to ensure on site safety and prevent structural collapse. This year saw the Temporary Works Forum introduce guidance in an attempt to reduce the number of accidents that occur due to poor management of temporary works.

Officially titled The Client’s Guide to Temporary Works, the publication was produced in response to requests from several high-profile industry bodies such as National Grid, Crossrail and the Highways Agency. The published document is specifically aimed at improving the design and procurement of temporary works in order to successfully reduce the number of accidents caused by their failures.

Every company that provides temporary works has an inherent obligation to use the finest resources in order to deliver safe temporary works solutions. Each has a direct responsibility to provide solutions that will positively impact the safety and cost of each project they undertake.

The central aim of temporary works is to aid the repairs, removals or alterations of an existing structure and prevent the collapse of the structure in question. The guidance produced by the Temporary Works Forum does not aim to change industry operation. Instead, it intends to provide clarity to all professional outfits regarding accountability along with critical guidance on the ways clients can optimise project procurement and deliver unfaltering safety throughout the lifecycle of temporary works projects.

Accidents that occur during major refurbishment, repair and regeneration projects are typically the result of poorly structured programmes and failure to identify safety issues. The inappropriate and untimely removal of components can lead to the weakening of structures and the instability of the components intended to provide support.

As specialists in temporary works and structural propping within renovation, we provide a comprehensive set of solutions that offer full safety every time. Our extensive portfolio highlights the complex projects we have undertaken and the challenges we have successfully overcome. We operate to the highest possible standards and we adhere to all health and safety regulations, delivering safe, high quality solutions to the construction and demolition sectors. Our clients know they can rely on our capacity to carry out unfaltering work and we assure every client of our commitment to preventing zero accidents and injury.