Temporary works are an integral part of the construction process, as they support and enable the building of permanent structures. It is essential that you select a professional and reputable company for your temporary works project. As a skilled, knowledgeable and experienced construction team specialising in structural support within regeneration and refurbishment, we offer a comprehensive service that delivers peace of mind to every project we undertake.

Bridges can be found all over the UK. The Industrial Revolution brought about revolutionary new bridge technology, and for over a century Britain was a world leader in bridge design. As a result, we have a host of structures throughout the country that represent our rich past. Just like any other structure, bridges can start to decline over time and fall into disrepair. Temporary works support the repair, restructuring and regeneration of the country’s much loved bridges, keeping them stable and supported while the work is completed.

We have carried out a wide range of complex and challenging projects. Our work has included the erection of a temporary bridge over Audenshaw railway line in Lancashire whilst the original bridge underwent repairs. We have also provided propping support to strengthening works carried out on London Bridge and many more important bridges throughout the UK.

There are several advantages offered by temporary works. Safety is of paramount importance in all construction works, and our temporary solutions are all designed to prevent dangerous structural collapses. The main challenge of large scale alterations such as repairs, removals and relocations is protecting the entire structure as the work is carried out. Temporary works facilitate successful modifications and prevent expensive downtime, interruptions to schedule and time-consuming repair work.

We are well known for delivering creative solutions and we provide the crucial support needed to successfully execute even the most complex restoration work. We maintain a committed focus on health and safety and we comply fully with every established regulation, which ensures us as the ideal choice for construction companies carrying out the repair and regeneration of bridges and other structures.