Buildings can become unstable for a wide array of reasons, whether it is using poor quality construction materials, bad plans and designs, ground movement, or neglect and wear over time. There are two courses of action with those ones that do suffer a loss of stability; either demolish them or conduct a restoration so they can be saved. In both cases the property must be made stable before work begins to ensure it is safe and not at risk of collapse.

At Denon Construction we have a lot of experience with unstable buildings. Our services are designed to stabilise them so that renovation or demolition can take place, ensuring that the people on and around the site are safe whilst the work is under way. We utilise specially selected props and support to create the right temporary works to retain the structure. These can be set carefully throughout the property to ensure stability.

We have been offering services across the UK for a number of years and have been involved in a number of high profile regeneration and demolition projects in that time. This experience puts us in a great position where we have the knowledge and skills to provide the perfect solution for each setting. We put a huge amount of care and attention into designing all of our temporary works to make sure they are fit for purpose.

On our website you can view a large portfolio of projects we have been involved in. This is a good example of the wide array of services we can offer and our ability to tackle all kinds of challenges. As you can see we have worked on properties of various size and scale and bring the same level of professionalism to every single project.

If you would like advice about unstable buildings and the design of temporary supports we can help. You can discuss your ideas for the project with us and we will offer suggestions on what is needed to ensure the property is stable and safe. Following on from this we can complete the designs for you, install them and see to their maintenance and care for the duration of the work.