When devising a renovation project, it is vital to take steps to reduce the risk of uncontrolled structural collapses. These can occur for several reasons, including unplanned demolition works, failure to conduct an appraisal of the structure, and failing to have the work done by competent personnel. Projects can be immensely complex and each additional layer of complexity opens the door for issues to arise. In order to maximise health and safety, the project needs to be carefully planned and overseen by an experienced specialist.

The key to preventing structural collapses is to ensure that a suitable support system is in place before any alterations are made. This should be designed using the information about the structure gathered during the appraisal of the building so that it is fit for purpose. It is crucial to ensure that the temporary works are strong enough to bear the load placed on them and will provide suitable rigidity.

At Denon Construction we have a great understanding of structural support and have spent several years working within the regeneration sector. The projects we have been involved in are incredibly diverse, including providing major facade retention systems and propping for bridges. We have even been called on to work in confined spaces that needed specialist entry and a bespoke temporary structural support solution. We appreciate the challenges that each project presents and always rise to the challenge effectively with unique solutions designed around that specific project.

In order to overcome the diverse, unique challenges we are presented with, we implement a selection of different temporary works solutions including innovative slimshore and megashore systems. Slimshore systems can be put in place rapidly thanks to the easy connectivity of the slim soldiers that make up the system. This in turn means it can be employed in a wide number of settings, including confined spaces when necessary. If you are planning a renovation and would like professional advice about structural support from a company with years of experience of regenerations, please contact us.