Temporary works are extremely important when undertaking construction projects, as they enable easy access to working areas whilst simultaneously providing support to loads. They also ensure a safe working environment for operatives by minimising the risk of collapse. When choosing a company for temporary work solutions, it is important to opt for an experienced and reputable team with extensive knowledge of working platforms and innovative temporary works solutions. This is just what we can offer you, including structural support for regeneration projects.

Historic buildings and structures such as bridges are a unique part of our heritage, with our rich history captured in every brick, stone and length of timber. Over time, these buildings can fall into disrepair for a number of reasons, which means they may require regeneration and refurbishment. As a dedicated supplier of temporary works solutions we provide quality services to support the repair and regeneration of the UK’s buildings and structures.

Our extensive portfolio includes a diverse range of projects which all demanded reliable and unfaltering structural support. Our work has included the installation of super slim equipment to provide support as strengthening works were carried out on London Bridge, and the construction of a 40m temporary bridge over Audenshaw Railway line as the original bridge was repaired.

The benefits of temporary structural support systems are numerous. They allow clients to safely, quickly and economically overcome the challenge of protecting entire structures as certain parts are altered, repaired, relocated or removed. Temporary work solutions are designed to prevent potentially dangerous collapses, time-consuming repair work and costly interruptions to planned developments.

All our structural support systems are carefully designed and planned, ensuring that they deliver the most effective support possible for each project. Even the most complicated regeneration work can take place safely when our systems are involved. We are the one stop solution for structural support within regeneration and we strive to exceed the expectations of our clients and provide quality customer care.