There are currently record levels of construction work underway in the UK, and this is set to increase further over the next few years. There are many building projects taking place to address our present housing shortage, or to make structural alterations as part of regeneration projects.

It is important to ensure that all construction projects run safely, go according to plan, and are kept within the set schedules. In order to achieve this goal, the companies involved must possess skill, experience and knowledge of the most suitable construction methods. We are proud to announce that we have teamed up with SJG Temporary Works Ltd in order to bring the very best practise to the industry.

As many within the construction industry will be aware, SJG are a site support and project management company with an outstanding record of success. They are peerless in ensuring that sites meet the required competencies for temporary works laid out in British Standards BS5975, but also that sites run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. With their deep rooted knowledge of the construction industry, they offer an unbeatable performance level on a wide variety of projects.

Here at Denon, we view our collaboration with SJG as a perfect example of co-operation in the construction industry which is not only mutually beneficial for us, but also beneficial for the entire sector. This joint venture allows us to focus on temporary site solutions to structural support with the confidence of knowing that the best of the best are handling site resource management and logistics.

Over the next few months and years, we look forward to bringing you news and information about construction sites we are working on with SJG Temporary Works Ltd. With a high level of construction work happening across the country, there is currently substantial pressure for work to be completed as quickly as possible. However, although it is crucial to stick to required timeframes, it is important to ensure that the high standards of safety and work are not allowed to slip. We will continue to take all measures to ensure that work is carried out as efficiently, safely and professionally as possible.