Demolition is an inherently dangerous and complex process that naturally presents several challenges. The aim of any professional construction company is to provide safe and controlled demolition, and the development of robotic technology has made this entirely possible. Robotic demolition is an innovative process that allows us to carry out efficient demolition while alleviating health and safety concerns.

Many environments can be difficult to access due to restricted space or unique layouts. Our machinery has been designed to easily access any location regardless of loading and entry issues. They feature a wide range of attachments, from strong and powerful percussive breakers and hydraulic crushing jaws to concrete milling heads. The machinery can manoeuvre on any surface, including metal or rubber tracks, and can even access stairways. As they are very compact, they can easily gain access through doorway openings ranging from 800mm to 1,500mm wide.

The machines are controlled by remote technology which enhances safety and ensures a carefully controlled demolition environment. Demolition and deconstruction work can often lead to falling debris and several other potential threats to safety, but the absence of operators and labourers in the demolition zone eliminates this risk entirely. Additionally, controlling the machines remotely reduces any vibration related physical problems such as white finger.

Our machines can adapt to any environment, making them a comprehensive solution. They can be operated with ease and as they are powered by electricity they produce no toxic fumes. The percussive hammer has vast power which surpasses many larger machines. The milling heads can plane concrete walls and floors and produce outstanding results, the hydraulic jaws can swiftly and easily make their way through 550mm of reinforced concrete and all debris can be easily cleared with the excavating-loading buckets.

Robotic demolition is the ideal way to carry out quality demolition projects whilst saving money and increasing productivity at the same time. The machines are also the ideal solution when demolition work is required in underground locations or at accident sites. Contact us for help and information regarding robotically controlled demolition work and we will be happy to assist with all enquiries.