As experts in temporary works for the construction and demolition industry, we can supply our clients with a full range of services. We have extensive knowledge of structural propping within renovation and strive to deliver safe, reliable services.

We can provide appropriate solutions for both heavy and light industrial specifications, catering for the specific requirements of each project. Having worked on such structures as schools and restaurants, our experience is vast, allowing us to tackle a myriad of projects with maximum efficiency.

During the latter half of September in 2015, Shetland Islands Council had successfully relocated all of its services. These were formerly based at the North Ness headquarters and were subsequently transferred over to temporary office establishments in Lerwick. This move came about as the result of raised concerns that were targeted at the four year old headquarters’ structural integrity. Shetland Leasing and Property (SLAP), the building owners, were forced to ask the council to leave the structure whilst surveys were carried out.

It was hoped that property surveys on the establishment would determine the extent of the issues so that officials could come up with possible ideas to rectify them. At the time, no information was supplied as to the exact nature of the problem. However, the council chief executive stated that temporary propping was to be put in place until a permanent solution was applied.

While it was understood that issues were present within the building for some time, the foundations were another area that was thought to require attention. Additionally, some of the steelwork needed to be replaced. An initial survey that was conducted by SLAP declared the building potentially unsafe, leading to 200 staff quickly vacating the premises the day after.

At Denon Construction we apply all that we’ve learned about structural propping to our work in order to give our clients the best results possible. Keeping buildings stable with temporary works during renovation is important, not only for our safety, but for the public’s as well.

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