Demolition and regeneration is an inherently high-risk activity, and all structural alteration and renovation work must be carefully and strategically planned to prevent dangerous collapses of buildings and structural elements. Uncontrolled collapses are typically caused by a failure to properly inspect the nature of a structure before renovation or regeneration work begins.

Uncontrolled collapses do not just impact on the contractor, but also the owner of the building, developer, local authority and the wider community. It stands to reason then, that appropriate steps should be taken to ensure unfaltering safety before a project commences. Accidents in demolition can be avoided by implementing thorough project design plans, carrying out full structural surveys and utilising quality temporary works solutions.

A professional structural survey needs to be conducted in order to obtain all the relevant information about the building, including its construction type, age, prior use, the structures that surround it and the weight of heavy machinery held on above ground level floors. Collectively, this information helps identify which propping and support solutions will be needed, along with the sequence required to prevent any accidental collapses. Placing the right temporary works in the right places provides the structure with comprehensive support.

An additional factor is having a team of staff that is fully knowledgeable and compliant with health and safety regulations. Understanding the risks involved with demolition and regeneration is essential, and we are a proficient team with extensive knowledge of demolition projects. We regularly work on a diverse range of structural alteration projects and we provide innovative and cost-effective structural support within regeneration projects throughout the country.

We can offer everyone we work with sound project advice along with propping and support solutions to ensure structural stability from start to finish. We are happy to discuss the details of your project with you and work towards supplying you with the finest propping solutions in the future.