In a number of cases it is more cost effective to refurbish an existing property rather than demolishing and replacing it with a completely new structure. If the existing building is sound and can be retained it can dramatically speed up the project because a great deal of the work has already been done. Even if alterations needs to be made, such as removing walls and columns, creating new openings, or installing new floors, there are big advantages from working on a structure that already exists.

With any form of adaptation though it is crucial that health and safety standards are met. Steps need to be taken to reduce the risk of injury occurring to people working on the property, neighbours and members of the public too.

One of the most important things to protect against is uncontrolled collapses. These can cause huge problems, putting everybody on and around the site at serious risk. It is therefore absolutely crucial that suitable steps are taken to retain and support the structure throughout any alteration works. The temporary support structures that are used should be designed in advance and installed before any work begins on the structure.

HSE reports that the biggest causes of collapses and the injuries they cause are the absence of suitable supports, lack of risk assessments, and failure to conduct structural surveys. On top of this poor project planning and ineffective supervision during alterations and demolition work are also major causes of issues.

At Denon Construction we offer support and professional advice to clients across the UK working in structural refurbishments, providing structural support within regeneration and construction projects throughout the UK. We are highly experienced and have proudly been part of a wide array of projects, including some incredibly challenging renovations. In each case we work hard to determine what kind of temporary supports are needed and ensure they are installed to the highest standard.

With our help you can take steps to ensure uncontrolled collapses do not occur. If you have any questions or would like some advice please contact us. We will share our knowledge and offer recommendations about how you can complete work in the safest manner possible. Clients can rely on us to keep their best interests in mind and do all we can to keep properties safe and sturdy.