Regeneration is a natural part of the life of an urban area. Over time, buildings change a great deal in terms of their usage and the level of habitation. These changes can result in the need for an adjustment of the building in question to cater for the new requirements.

The challenging part of regeneration is the fact that the facade of the old property may represent an important part of history or architectural style. It could even be a listed building with protection in place. This can mean that any new design for the building must ensure that the facade is retained whilst the space behind it is altered, creating new challenges for the project.

Facade retention is the process of using temporary supports to keep the facade of a building stable while the floors are detached. Once the removal is done the facade is supporting its own weight and a huge amount of wind loading. The support structure is used to keep it stable and prevent a collapse. This allows the floors to be altered and reattached when complete. The temporary works can be safely removed once stability is returned.

In urban areas the supports used to retain facades need to be immensely durable and fit for the purpose because an uncontrolled collapse is a big hazard to the public. It could also cause extensive damage to buildings located in close proximity. The importance means the system should be designed and installed by an experienced specialist with the right knowledge.

Limited space can pose a challenge when it comes to temporary works in built up urban areas. The facade could have a pavement, a road or a combination of both running alongside it. The supports need to take up as little space as possible so that these public highways don’t need to be closed. This can have an impact on the layout and the type of props and supports that are used.

At Denon Construction we have extensive knowledge of structural support within urban regeneration projects. We design temporary works solutions to suit all kinds of requirements, including facade retention, creation of new openings in surfaces and removal of columns. We offer support to all clients throughout their project, from designing the perfect temporary works to installing and maintaining them. Our systems will take the setting into account as well as the project.