Over the years we have come to be recognised as the most comprehensive supplier of structural refurbishment solutions in the UK. For the most part, our reputation has come from our full risk managed contract package. With this package, we carry out all site work from survey, design and planning permission through to the erection and dismantling of scaffolding. This is a popular option for many construction and demolition companies as it offers them a complete one-stop answer for their entire project.

We know, however, that there are instances where only one of our specialist services is required, for example when an unexpected fault or emergency has hit a site, or a problem has badly affected the ability of a contractor to deliver. Whether you need our complete package of services or just one aspect of them, you can rest assured we will always have a solution to offer you. We’re able to work on a refurbishment project right from the very beginning, or come in at a later stage to help it succeed.

In meeting the needs of the structural refurbishment sector, we offer the hire or sale of all related equipment. We also carry out the professional erection and safe dismantling of structural scaffolding nationwide, and can provide demolition or repair services to meet your unique requirements. Even when careful and meticulous plans are made, the unexpected sometimes happens, and we are here to be of service when it does.

No matter what stage at which your structural refurbishment project is at, if you have a requirement for a specialist service then you will want the best possible in place to prevent structural collapses and other incidents. We are proud to be the people to deliver that to you, and will always design and implement a completely bespoke propping and shoring system to provide the highest level of support to your building.