Facade retention is vital for renovation projects where the historical frontage of the building needs to be preserved whilst the structure behind it is altered. In order to support the weight of the facade and protect it from collapse, a temporary support structure is installed. This needs to be strong enough to hold the entire weight of the surface and deal with the load created by the wind.

When deciding on what facade retention is needed, we will always consider the type of construction that was used to build the property initially. This can differ greatly and will depend on several factors including the age of the property and the location. The surface to be retained could be constructed with a stone facing and brick backing or two layers of stone with rubble used as an infill. It is important to know this because it will affect the stability and behaviour of the structure.

Before renovation can begin on a building a detailed survey needs to be done to determine the type of construction, the layout and the condition of the structure. Particular effort should be made to determine how the current structure supports the facade to ensure both the temporary works and the new permanent building provide the same stability. This is essential so that the wall being retained will remain stable during demolition and reconstruction work.

The survey will also provide information so the placement of the base shores can be decided. The more spread out the shores are, the lower the load they will be able to bear. It is important to ensure they are spaced properly so there are no weak points where weight will bear down and create the potential for a collapse. The positioning of each shore also needs to be carefully considered to make sure it is not at risk of getting damaged whilst it is propping up the wall.

We have extensive experience working on a diverse range of unstable buildings, helping to retain their facades while allowing necessary alterations to take place. Clients across the UK can call on us to devise a bespoke solution that will deliver maximum stability and allow the project to commence safely. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.