When buildings are constructed, they are designed with stability in mind to ensure they are able to stand safely with minimal risk of shifting or collapsing. One of the most important aspects of this is the position of load bearing walls and columns, because they are responsible for supporting the weight of the building materials. Work, care and attention to detail are required to ensure they are placed in the optimal areas and are capable of providing the necessary support.

If properties ever need to be refurbished or regenerated, it is important to keep the stability of the structure in mind at all times. Occasionally, walls or columns need to be adapted or completely removed as part of the project. Before doing this, it is crucial to check and ensure that the alterations will not cause instability. If the structures being removed or changed are load bearing, suitable supports will need to be put in place to retain the stability of the building during the work. After this, an alternative solution will be needed to provide long term stability.

Temporary propping and needling systems are commonly used to support structures while they are being regenerated. These allow the safe completion of tasks such as the removal of load bearing walls and columns, cutting new openings and disconnecting floor joists from the facade.

At Denon Construction we have a huge amount of experience in the regeneration sector, and regularly provide solutions for structural support within regeneration and renovation tasks, including bespoke propping, needling and facade retention systems. Our services are highly flexible and can be adapted to suit a variety of specifications.

We use reliable temporary structural support systems including super slim and mega shore. These systems serve our purposes well because they are extremely strong and sturdy and can be adapted for almost any setting. They are ideal for use even in the most challenging locations, such as dilapidated buildings and settings with poor accessibility.

We work throughout the entire UK, providing first rate services for every one of our clients. Over the years we have worked with many big names from several different industries. You can view some of these in our portfolio section to get a better idea of the services we can offer.