Propping and Needling

At Denon Construction, we have a range of experience when it comes to building prop and needling services. Our engineers have built up extensive knowledge after years in the trade.

To ensure strong structural support to your building, you need specialist engineers – where we come into the fold. We have worked on many structures, across the whole of the UK. No project is too big or too small, and our structural surveyors will ensure all equipment is correct, getting started immediately. We work to a quick and efficient turnaround.

What is needling and propping?

Both building prop and needling are essential for structural support. When you are looking into building refurbishment services – particularly with older properties – you must always ensure that the structure is supported. Therefore, you need qualified contractors to oversee and complete the job in a safe manner (hence, Denon Construction).

When it comes to building renovation, a prop, in simple terms, allows you to lift the structure and support heavy loads to complete the refurbishment. For instance, this could be used when propping up a corner of a property while a pier or column is changed. However, needling is, generally, attended to with less risk and is a more common procedure.

Needling refers to the process of inserting a temporary beam through a wall for structural support of the wall above the level of the beam. Effectively, it is supporting a wall that is already built. If, as part of your building refurbishment, a long stretch of wall is to be built up at one time – we will employ the needling techniques. When a series of needle beams are in place, the old foundation can be removed and excavation performed to the level of the bearing of the new foundation can begin.

After completing the building needling, the excavation can be made under the wall. Similarly, original wall and foundations may be removed.

Why is propping and needling essential?

This type of service is essential for building renovation – especially for removing old foundations and restoring. Likewise, they provide integral structural support for your building. Where necessary, the needles can be installed to support temporary loads.

Our team will work closely with you from start to finish, erecting needling to support all types of walls. We have worked across a range of properties – from a three storey house to a large office building. Our building contractors are experienced in the service, trained in handling heavy equipment and all site environments. We will carefully select and allocate a team to your project, and all materials necessary will be provided.

Our equipment: Super Slim

This proven, versatile and trusted product is ideal for all of your refurbishment requirements. For example, lateral restraints to unstable buildings, the formation of structural openings, back propping and transfer of load during column removal, etc. This product offers a high leg load to weight ratio. Used as a single prop, this can accommodate loads up to 120kn at 3 metres.


propping1 propping2 propping3 propping4

Carefoot Construction, Barnton Primary School, Cheshire.

Super-slim props were used for the above project to support the building whilst several structural supporting walls were removed. This product was ideal due to the complicated transfer of loads at numerous locations throughout the basement of the building.

Why choose Denon Construction?

  • High-quality equipment for bearing loads
  • Structural surveyors with years of experience
  • Work with you throughout the project
  • Unique skill sets and a team with vast knowledge


Gilbert Ash Construction, Baxter Gate Loughborough 
This project was major alterations and demolition works to the listed building using superslim soldiers application during renovation works.