Of all the heavy-duty propping systems out there, none quite measure up to Slimshor. Useful for countless applications, there isn’t much that this system cannot do. Our qualified team members happen to be highly accomplished Slimshor temporary installers. This makes them the ones to contact whenever you need supports.

It’s likely that you’ve heard Slimshor’s name before. But, you might not know about the components used within the system. We want to give you a greater understanding of how everything works. Thus, we’re going to discuss some of these modules here.
Adaptable components

The jacks are the first units we will cover. They transform the Super Slim Soldiers into raking or vertical adaptable shores. This is possible because you can turn said Soldiers in any direction. This allows you to contract or expand the shore’s whole length. Both right and left models are necessary for each prop assembly.

Workers use foot jack adaptors in conjunction with jack spanners. Consequently, they can fine-tune the vertical shore’s height. You take this action in cases where rotating the Soldiers isn’t doable. We created adaptors so that we can use them alongside jacks. This aids us in diffusing loads. Aside from altering heights, the spinners hook the adaptors to the jacks.

Strut adaptors are useful for raking shore practices. They fasten between the Super Slim Soldiers’ webs via two connecting clips and pins. You join the jack end to this adaptor using a pivot pin.

We can manipulate those super slims employed as raking shores at the desired angle using the universal tilt component. When supporting precast components, it’s used at each of the raking shore’s edges. For added security, they’re equipped with ground anchorage measures.

At Denon Construction, we can provide dependable, methodical, and safe services. Having operated in several industries, we can meet a host of peculiar requirements. This makes it easier for us to achieve the standards that our customers deserve. In addition, it has transformed us into reliable Slimshor temporary installers.

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